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Not only a business contract counts in a successful business relation, but also the empathy and cultural understanding between the partners play an important role for your personal success. Interests in setting up business relations are linked to knowing the rules and morality of the people you are dealing with.

To celebrate the “big deal” you might be invited to an elegant business lunch or dinner in a high-class restaurant.

This course helps you to feel comfortable during the meal in regard of the business etiquette.


The course is for business people of all company hierarchies


·     The secret languages of invitations: How to make sure, it will be understood.

·         Who sits next to whom?

·         How to understand a set menu

·         The set-up of the silverware and glasses for 4 (or more) course meal

·         Special silverware for special food

·         Tips and tricks for the perfect business host and guest.

·         What to wear?

·         When do I arrive and much more important, when is the right time to leave?

You will learn everything about welcoming and introducing people and how to address your guests in invitations.


The seminar can also be conducted on an individual basis. Please contact us for your our custom quote here




Ulrike von Rohr
it an expert (Trainer - Coach) for the topics
Intercultural competence
Etiquette & business etiquett
International etiquettes
Coaching for leader positions
Modern etiquette for teens and kids
Modern etiquette for families
Presentations at events and congresses

Ulrike von Rohr, born in 1967, worked as an incentive and event manager for nearly 20 years and has international working experience. Her jobs took her to several countries, such as America, Africa, China and many European countries. She lived and worked in Johannesburg/South Africa and Hong Kong/China for more than five years.
She has been fascinated by cultures and their “rules” all her life. In 2008, she decided to become a “Business Etiquette Coach.” She was trained by Inge Wolff, one of the well-known experts in this field. Inge Wolff published several books about the subject “Modern Manners.” Since more than 25 years she is accepted as a specialist by journalists from print media TV or radio.
Mrs. von Rohr also acquired a university certificate as an “Intercultural Trainer” at the Friedrich-Schiller-University in Jena, guided by Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bolten. As the president of an Intercultural Network, a network of intercultural trainers who acquired their university degree in Jena, she is responsible for the ongoing education of trainers on the job.
She mainly works with adults in the business sector, but also takes care of the families and children as well as “professional newcomers.”
Since she is a mother and has lived in foreign countries herself, she is aware of the challenges the multicultural world brings. Therefore, she wants to help prepare people for an easier transition to their new life environment.
At the moment, she is the only German qualified person, who combines the knowledge of the German Business Manners and the intercultural aspect. She also knows that high-quality business manners are not necessarily stiff. Therefore, she conducts her courses with the right portion of humor.
The courses are held in German and English as well as English/Chinese (in this case a Chinese Co-Moderation will accompany the course).
Further information is available on www.plathpartner.com (the page is mainly in German but also contains English translations for courses that are held in English).

Li Lei, born in 1970 in Changchun, China, has majored Chinese studies with a focus on culture, economics, politics and the language itself. During that time, she discovered her particular interest in people and the impact of cultures. Her professional life consisted of jobs that were connected to social interaction and marketing. A few years after starting her career, she went to France to study the language and culture of the Western country.
She met her German husband back in China and experienced the challenges in merging different cultural backgrounds in private and professional relationships. She also experienced the difficulties that foreigners are facing in their own culture.
She has been living in Germany with her husband for five years. She is now experiencing how it feels to be the foreigner in a country and how to solve the daily challenges in her new home country.

Li Lei and Ulrike von Rohr met in Hong Kong in 2005. Over the years, they became close friends due to their common interest in people and different cultures. In 2017 they decided to work together and support expats/-families to find their way into the German culture.
Li Lei will take over the co-moderation of the English/Chinese combination courses and help with the conveying of the contents.  

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