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With modern etiquette, which we also call "good manners," your employees can effortlessly earn valuable points with your customers and represent your company in style.
Unfortunately, you can lose a lot without modern etiquettes, often even without realizing that they have committed a „gaffe” and misbehaved.
Depending on the situation and opposite conversational partner, there are often just little things that upset or, even worse, rebuff our fellow humans and your customers. This can get in the way in our professional life, with clients, boss, and colleagues and when getting to know other people.
Every in-house seminar is custom-tailored and includes a live coaching with lunch by request!

Intensive training: 1 day, exclusively by a certified by an AUI (Arbeitskreis Umgangformen International) Certified Business Etiquette Trainer.

Training Language: English or english with Chinese Co-Moderation

Training contents:

Self-confidence and sovereign, "etiquette-safe" manners with customers and in the interest of your company.
Updated and practical knowledge and skills in all aspects of modern etiquette with a focus on the professional area.

Target audience:

Everyone who places importance on safe manners and business etiquette for sovereign, competent and confident employees. And all those who want to "refresh" their employees' knowledge and skills in business etiquette and manners with the currently valid recommendations.

Training contents:

• Manners in the daily life
• A short historical review...
• Why etiquette? Benefits and nonsense...
• Respectfully dealing with each other and "Who wears the crown?"
• Authentically live style and manners
• Smalltalk recommendations for successful communication and networking
• Salutation, introduction, and greeting: Who, whom, when and how? First impressions count!
• Current status: What's current, what has changed?
• Etiquette in business life
• Office, E-Mail, business card and cell phone etiquette
• Business etiquette: including dealing with customers, employees, and supervisors
• Outside the home, in the restaurant, invitations...
• Manners at the table: silverware, glasses and napkins/drinks/'difficult' foods
• Complaining and apologizing in style: What to do if an accident happened?
• Clothing and style etiquette: Dress code
• International etiquette: (Introduction)
Live and Interactive: Your questions answered practice-oriented...

You build your seminar according to your wishes: Every participant can submit 10 of his most important questions before the seminar starts. We will work on them together.
Many practical exercises, case studies, and checklists in a small circle of participants quickly provide for self-confidence and a sovereign „etiquette-safe” appearance!

Your Trainers:

Why an AUI-certified trainer?
The Arbeitskreis Umgangsformen International (AUI) is the relevant council for manners, business etiquette and etiquette recommendations in the German-speaking area (and beyond).
Since 1989, the AUI works (as the „Specialist Committee for Etiquette” since 1956) with the issues of good etiquette. 21 experts from Germany, other European countries, and the United States are in constant exchange at the moment.
Its recommendations are unanimously accepted as a "Measure of all things" and implemented. To ensure a consistent quality label for manners & business etiquette training, and to give you the security of a didactic and professionally trained and certified business etiquette trainer, you will receive a certification after a multi-day training by the Business Etiquette Trainer of the Arbeitskreis Umgangsformen International (AUI).
Alexander Plath, as well as Ulrike von Rohr, are trained according to the guidelines of the AUI. Ulrike von Rohr has additionally trained at the Friedrich-Schiller-University in Jena.

Some specially marked trainings are in English with Chinese Co-Moderation.

Places and dates for the training:

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