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It might not be the first time: One spouse starts a new job in a foreign country and the other moves with the family into the new country. While one starts the new job and tries to find the way into a (sometimes also  new) company, the other partner  takes care of the family and tries to integrate into a new culture.

Beside the technical support  f.e. in regard of  the legal formalities the family need additional support to locate adresses connected to the daily live. They additionally need an empathic guidance to the understanding of the local culture and habbits. During the coaching the family members will not only be supported to find the right sport club, doctor or shopping mall. They will learn everything necessary to understand the german culture and its impact of their daily life.

Due to her own experience as an accompaning spouse  Ulrike von Rohr knows excactely what she is taking about and is aware of small  pitfalls, which sometimes emerge as a big challenge.  She also knows from other families she met during her live abroad, that the sucess of a delegation is not only dependeny on the successful integration of the employee into a new company. She knows, that a delegation is only a success, if the family behind also adapts to  the new envirement. If the working spouse can not concentrate on the new challange he is facing in his new job,  because the famil ybehind suffers, the whole project is in danger.

Clients can assemble courses based on their own demands. Depending on the subjects and intensity, the seminar length varies. We would be happy to calculate an individual offer.

All sequences are set into an intercultural context and will focus on the “German way”. Every episode will show the participants in a varying and entertaining way, how to deal with future intercultural challenges.


The aim is to  help incoming families to gain ground in a new country with unfamiliar habbits and rules.


  • Everything is a matter of the perspective
  • The different ways and levels of greeting people
  • How to address people in a conversation
  • The relevance of the first impression
  • Body language tells you more than words can ever say
  • Seeing and being sighted: Clothing and its impact
  • Small Talk: sometimes a great challenge!
  • Does telephone talk obey certain rules?
  • About the traps concerning communication via internet, SMS, Social Media and Facebook
  • Table manners

... and many more


Ulrike von Rohr, born in 1967, worked as an incentive- and event-manager for nearly 20 years and has international working experience. Her jobs took her to several countries, such as America, Africa, China and many European Countries. She lived and worked in Johannesburg/South Africa and Hong Kong/China for more than five years.

All her life she has been fascinated by culture and its “rules”. In 2008 she decided to become a “Business-Manner-Coach”. She has been trained by Inge Wolff, one of the well-known experts of this topic. Inge Wolff published several books about the subject “Modern Manners”. Since more than 25 years she is accepted as a specialist by journalists from print media TV or radio.

Mrs. von Rohr also has a university certificate as an “Intercultural Trainer” at the Friedrich-Schiller-University, Jena, guided by Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bolten.

She works mainly with adults in the business sector but also takes care of the families and children.

As she is a mother herself and she has lived in foreign countries, she is aware of the challenges the multicultural world brings. Therefore she wants to prepare people, so that they can find better access into this complex world.

At the moment she is the only German qualified person, who connects the knowledge of the German Business Manners and the intercultural aspect. She also knows that high quality business manners are not necessarily stiff. Therefor she conducts her courses with the right portion of humor.


The seminar can be conducted on an indidivual basis. Please contact us for your request here

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